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The Cheese Kitty

You've heard the stories, you've seen his fuzz on my clothes -- there is only one CHEESE KITTY. Both he and his compadre (seen in some of the photos below) are connoisseurs, demanding only the highest quality -- cheeses affined by Herve Mons, the 71% cacao chocolate of El Rey and of course, only the finest wines.

Here is what they've been eating...

Fuzzy Butt Pale Ale
"I hope they used St. Agur."
Neal's Yard Ardrahan
Cowgirl Farallon
Clochette, Brie de Meaux, Berkswell & Gabietout ... pour moi?
Post-Prandial Bliss
Osso Buco
Helping Prep
Portuguese Sweetbread
Where is the cheese, puny human?
Give us cheese,
we let you live.
Post-Prandial Bliss

MY Catnip
Making Chicken Pot Pies
Sampling the Pot Pies
Pot Pie leftovers
Post-Prandial Bliss
Another Pot Pie
Brandy, El Rey & Cat
Nicoise Salad
MY Epoisses
Andante Dairy's Nocturne
More Nocturne
Helping cut
Cheese Kitty
Post-Prandial Bliss
Ginger Plant
Stand Off
Post-Prandial Bliss
Andante's Metronome, Nocturne, Picolo & Mimolette
Scharffen Berger Chocolates... or not...

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