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Graphic Work

Graphic design is something I've done for various organizations for over ten years.

Recent Writing

Ugly is beautiful in Wayne McGregor's Eden/Eden at SFB. (CCTimes)

The earth moves for Alvin Ailey's Renee Robinson. (SF Chronicle)

What's on William Forsythe's mind? (CCTimes)

Yuri Possokhov's Firebird brings out the goofy romantic streak. (CCTimes)

I profile Ronn Guidi, who's valiantly trying to revive Oakland Ballet. (KQED-Spark)

A whole lotta shakin' going on at the SF Hip Hop Festival (In Dance)

So how dead is ballet?  I look at the age-old question again. (CC Times)

It's Tales of the City, musical style, in Jay Kuo's new Homeland. (KQED-Arts)

How do I feel about the bare-all Dandelion Dance Theater show Anicca? (KQED-Arts)

West Wave's Dance Festival gives me a splash in a hot summer. (Contra Costa Times)

I dive into the world of radio for the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. (KALW)

Aurora Theatre's Permanent Collection makes me ask, what price art at Philly's Barnes Foundation? (KQED Arts)

SFB's Yuri Possokhov wonders what's next for him when we chatted for Ballet-Dance Magazine.

This month's BDM also has my review of Inbal Pinto's Oyster, from last spring.

I profile Gang Situ and Chicano Teatro headRush for the KQED SPARK Website.

At Cal Performances, Rick Miller's Bigger Than Jesus is lapsed Catholic heaven. (KQED Arts)

San Francisco Ballet Family Guide

Firebird & Blue Rose Study Guide

Carousel & Fancy Free Study Guide

The San Francisco Ballet outreach program provides teachers and students with guides to the ballets performed at community matinees.

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