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San Francisco, CA

Home.  I love home.  Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of cities in this world, especially the one I grew up in, New York.  But San Francisco just kind of grows on you until you can't picture life without it, like your favorite pair of jeans.

This section of the site is still under construction and probably always will be, as I update it.

Other Places

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Of course I live here, so I don't generally stay in hotels around here.  However, when folks come into town, I have a few places that I highly recommend.

  • The Queen Anne
    1590 Sutter Street at Octavia
    San Francisco, California 94109
    Phone: 800-227-3970
    Fax: 415-775-5212

    You may be thinking, oh that's just too fussy for me, but let me tell you, a warm fireplace and a glass of sherry each night is a nice thing in Fogtown! Located on the hill between Japantown, Van Ness, Fillmore and St. Mary's Cathedral. Rates start at $99 for a moderate room.

  • Hotel Majestic
    1500 Sutter Street
    San Francisco, CA 94109
    Phone: (415) 441-1100  
    Fax: (415) 673-7331
    Just up the street from the Queen Anne, this elegant old hotel just underwent a refurbishment.  Rates start at $125, a great deal for their very pretty  rooms. In 2006, they also will reopen their cafe and quiet little bar, which sports displays of exotic insects.

  • The Parsonage
    198 Haight Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    888.763.7722 (toll-free)

    A charming Victorian and San Francisco landmark has become the setting for a bed and breakfast in which many rooms feature marble baths and a working fireplace and is outfitted charmingly with antique furniture. Rates start at $140 per night



Artisanal Fancies

(Don't worry, I'll get to these lists eventually...)




Welcome to San Francisco, home of the country's most spoiled food snobs.  Throw a profiterole in any given direction and you're likely to find good eats. Of course, throw a profiterole in any direction and you're also likely to hit someone with a different opinion on what's good.  Here are some of my faves. (I often use to make a reservation. Never had trouble with it yet.)

Fancy Schmancy

  • Boulevard - (1 Mission St) Stylish, yet unpreposessing, Nancy Oakes makes some tastiest and satisfying food in the city.

  • Bushi-tei - (1638 Post St) A fusion of Eastern sensibility with Western flair, bushi-tei's omokase menu is a treat.

  • Farallon - (450 Post St) Under the sea elegance along with expertly prepared seafood and desserts to die for.

  • Jardiniere - (300 Grove St) Traci des Jardin's divine restaurant is a fine place to pretend you're an Old World diva out for a fete after the big premiere.

  • Quince - (1701 Octavia) Well-deserving of its Michelin star, Michael Tusk's decadent pastas and sformato are not to be skipped.

  • Rubicon - (558 Sacramento) A stellar wine list makes this seafood lover's dream well worth a reservation.

A nice night out

  • Absinthe - (398 Hayes) Solid brasserie fare, but don't stress about getting reservations -- sit in the bar instead and order a cone of their delicious fries.

  • Dragonfly - (420 Judah) Vietnamese food prepared with unusually expert French technique, don't miss the Steamed Sea Bass, the coconut rice, and finish with a Vietnamese coffee.

  • Fringale - (570 4th Street) French bistro cuisine made with a warm, welcoming flourish, perfect for a date.

  • Incanto- (1550 Church) Only our favorite Italian restaurant in the City, put yourself in Chris Cosentino's hands -- everything is terrific.

  • Indigo - (687 McAllister) Modern and sleek without being sky-high pricewise, Indigo is a great place for a nice dinner pre-theater.

  • Kiss Sushi - (1700 Laguna) Shhh! Don't tell anyone -- Naka-san makes the best sushi in San Francisco, but there are only about 15 seats in the whole place. Call ahead -- and no, I'm not giving you the number.

  • Kokkari Estiatorio - (200 Jackson) The best Greek food in the city -- all made in house, include the lamb roasted on a spit over an open fire.

  • Korea House - (1640 Post)  Fire at your table, meat to cook on it and innumerable tidbits of savory delicacies to try -- what could be better?

  • Zuni Cafe - ( 1658 Market) The perennial favorite.  When in doubt, go to Zuni. Forget reservations, snag a table in the bar and order some margaritas and Judy Rodgers' fantastic wood-fired roast chicken.

Lunch with friends

  • Anjou - (44 Campton Pl) A civilized oasis in the middle of Union Square madness, they serve up fine French food and make fab Kirs.

  • Citizen Cake - (399 Grove) Solid lunchtime menus are made much better by the addition of a decadent dessert. To share of course.

  • Chez Nous - Sadly closed, but about to become an offshoot of the famous A16.

  • Le Petit Robert - (2300 Polk) French bistro fare delivered with a minimum of fuss and maximum of flavor.

  • Lovejoy's Tea Room - (1350 Church) Way better tea than those stuffy places in hotels downtown.

  • Nopa - ( 560 Divisadero) Loud, oh it's loud.  Good, oh it's good!!

  • The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus - High up , you can feel snottier than snooty with an elegant lunch served above the pret a porter.

I need air (outdoor seating)

  • Cafe Claude Tucked down an Claude Alley, Cafe Claude is ridiculously overcrowded inside,  but extremely pleasant if you get a table in the alleyway.

  • Catch An oasis in the busy Castro,  you can sit in their sheltered front room and watch the show parade by.

  • Guaymas in Tiburon take the ferry from Fisherman's wharf across the bay to catch one of the best views of SF, plus some hearty Mexican and a great happy hour spread.

  • Sociale An elegant patio is the perfect place to enjoy the Italian inspired cuisine.

It's ten pm and I need some food fast.

  • Home Restaurant - (2100 Market) Dunno if this was like YOUR home, but it feels like home.  Consistently wonderful food for consistently low prices.

  • Tanpopo Noodle House - (1740 Buchanan) Expect absolutely no kindness or politesse in the service, but one spoonful of the ramen broth and you'll be a convert for life.  Inexpensive too!

It's ten pm and I need a drink fast.

  • Absinthe - See Above

  • Cafe Majestic - (1500 Sutter) A quiet bar in an elegant hotel.  Examine the butterfly collection and have a real conversation with your drink!

  • Grand Cafe - (501 Geary) When in doubt in the theater district, you can always pop into the pleasantly spacious bar and order a thin crust pizza and a drink.

  • Home Restaurant - See Above.

  • Tortilla Heights - (1750 Divisadero) Loud, raucous crowds, and you're not here for the food, but hey, when you need a margarita....

Quickie snacks


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